Michael Lawson

Sole Proprietor

Fleetmarks is not a corporation, it is a marketing website for Michael Lawson, Professional Graphics Installer. Requests for service are directly routed to Michael and he provides all services personally.

13 Years and counting

Since 2005, Michael Lawson has been self-employed, applying graphics to a variety of substrates, including cars, trucks, buses, walls, windows, building fronts, aircraft, and everything inbetween.

Michael in The Industry News

 Mike Lawson mentioned as installer on yet another wrap in industry journal https://sdgmag.com/magazine
Page 66 http://read.uberflip.com/i/864972-september-17

Award Winning Wraps

Michael Lawson was the winner of the United States Sign Council's "American Wrap Master" competition held in Atlantic City, NJ in December 2014.

3M Preferred Graphics Installer

As a 3M preferred graphics installer, Michael Lawson takes great pride in a job well done. Projects are within industry standards and completed with time to spare. 

I Do It All

I, Michael Lawson, am the graphics installer, the webmaster, the accountant, the janitor, the archivist, the salesman, the secretary, the receptionist, and the coffee maker.